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What is the square footage of a tiny house?

      Anywhere from 70-400 sq ft


What are the dimensions of a tiny house?

     No more than what is allowed to cruise down the road: maximum of 8’6” wide X 30’ long X 13’6” high


How does the waste water plumbing work?

     Our tiny houses can be designed to have compost toilets, black water and/or gray water tanks, or connect to a septic tank or sewer.


What do you use for HVAC?

     We primarily use electric mini split systems to heat and cool your tiny home. We also can incorporate wall heaters and fireplaces.


What types of water heaters do you use?

    We prefer on demand propane water heaters, but we have traditional tank and on demand electric options as well.


What types of other appliances and fixtures do you use?

    We can incorporate just about any appliance or fixture. We mainly use propane for ranges and water heaters, and electricity for air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines/dryers, pumps, and lighting.


How do you make your houses energy efficient?

We start with the building itself by using proper insulation, energy efficient windows and doors and sealing the house well. Then we use all LED lighting, propane for cooking and water heating, and electric appliances that suit lifestyle needs.


Are your tiny houses certified?

     Yes! We use NOAH certification.


What type of framing do you use?

     We use Volstrukt steel framing, along with traditional wood frames.


What trailers do you use?

     We prefer trailers by Trailer Made and Tiny House Trailer Supply


Do you deliver?

     We can deliver, but also recommend using Tiny Home Transport or Tiny Toters


What size truck do I need to pull my own tiny house?

     This depends on the size and weight of your tiny house, but we recommend a minimum of a ¾ ton truck.


Where can I park my tiny house?

  Check out these sites:





Can I get financing for my tiny house?

  Yes, please contact these companies:

     Tiny House Lending

     Lightstream Tiny House Financing


How do I insure my tiny house?

     Insure My Tiny Home





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